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  • Environmental Licensing, demand for maintenance and renovations;

  • Environmental Control Plan, Updates and Revisions;

  • Solid Waste Management Plan, Control, Maintenance and Improvements;

  • Preventive Internal Environmental Audit;

  • Training of employees;

  • Monitoring, uploading and issuing reports with the CTF/Ibama;

  • Integrated Environmental Management, Evaluation of processes and proposals for improvements;

  • Issuance of the MTR (Waste Transport Manifest), waste generation and disposal control;

  • Environmental Technical Responsibility;

  • Water Rights Granting Projects;

  • Evaluation of Effluent Analysis;

  • Issuance of CADRI (Certificate of Handling Waste of Environmental Interest);

  • Technical Administrative Procedures with the Competent Environmental Agency;

  • Assessment of suppliers and intermediation in contracting companies for waste collection and other environmental needs;

  • Diverse consultancy for environmental matters.